About us


Black Canyon Wing and Clay is a private upland game hunting preserve for Pheasants and Chukars. With over 700 acres of land that has been groomed specifically for upland bird hunting, our club is guaranteed to produce a five start hunt that you’ll want to do over and over again. We pride ourselves in having the wildest birds you can find, rivaling “Mother Nature’s”. We raise our birds from day old chicks to be healthy, fast flying, tough birds.  We’ve been in the business 17 years now, and with the help of our members, we have grown yearly, and have become better and better at providing the best hunting experience that you can get.

What you get with each hunt:

Birds: BCW&C releases thousands of birds, and with BLM surrounding the club, our birds stick close to home. Giving you a chance to go after the one that got away! And with no bag limits, or possession limits, you can hunt as many birds as you want.

Upland Game Cover: BCW&C spends every summer grooming and maintaining the fields for one thing: Bird hunting! We have lots of variety of fields. Some narrow strips, some with lighter cover for training purposes, and some with heavy cover for a more challenging hunt.

Bring your own dog: The fun of bird hunting is watching mans best friend work through the fields. So you can go out with your own dog without a mandatory guide. As well as work new or inexperienced pups. BCW&C offers a controlled setting where your pup is going to see more birds guaranteed. Giving you a chance to hone those hunting skills your dog naturally has!

Hunt with a guide: Come out and spend the day with one of our guides. Hunt over their professional bird dogs and get the real pheasant and chukar hunting experience! Let our friendly guides give you tips, and treat you to a good time.

Use of the Hunt Lodge: Before and after each hunt, drink a cup of coffee, or have a “cool” one after a successful hunt. Or have a hang out with some of your buddies, or work colleagues. Even set up a reunion or party. Bring the whole gang!

First class cleaning facility: Come in after a hunt and use our cleaning station to dress you birds, or ask us to do that for you!

Clays: Come out just to get ready for a hunt by using the wobble stand, or even set up a 5-stand competition with your buddies and family. You get free use of the wobble stand with each hunt!

Our club is a great place to bring the family and friends. We are very big supporters of getting kids involved in hunting and love seeing them come out! If you have questions or requests, just ask! As a membership hunt club, we cater our needs to that of our members. Making sure that each and every one has a smile on their face when they leave. We enjoy growing, but we do have a limited amount of new memberships available. We will not grow at the expense of our existing members. Because our hunt club is licensed by the Colorado Division of Wildlife, you DO NOT need a Colorado Hunting License to hunt with us.



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Our hunting season starts in Mid-September and closes March 31.